Apr 21, 2014

Anybody Out There?

Anyone still read my bloggity blog? If so, I miss you all. I'm still here, I promise. I've just been busy with kiddo and attempting to hash out a new novel.

However, I have something I want to share with you guys.  I ran and completed my very first 10k (6.2 miles) ever this Easter weekend!!

I've been spending time getting back into training for 5 and 10k's. I am super proud of myself because any type of work out is TOUGH for me. I lack motivation skills when it comes to, you know, moving in the form of exercise. I'd rather be sipping tea and writing in that precious spare time I get, but having my kiddo really put things into perspective. I want to maintain a healthy life style so I can be on this earth as long as possible with her. That means I have to get off my @ss and do something besides housework. 

Running not only provides exercise and a chance to get out in the fresh air. It gives me at least 30-45mins of "inspire time". I put in the headphones and let my play list take me away into the world I am currently working on in this WIP. Sometimes I get so caught up in ideas and such that the time flies and before I know it my run is over.

So here are the before and after pics of my race this weekend.



That is my friend Mark. He is running half marathons now and uses 10k's as training, lol. He kept me motivated the last mile and a half since I thought for sure my body was going to quit on me. In the second picture you see the silhouette of a large rock in the background, ya, that is where we started the race. I told myself I had to make it in at least 2hrs and 15mins. Well, I made it in 1hr and 38mins. My pace was fifteen and a half minutes a mile. Slow, but not bad for a beginner if you ask me.

The next day I could barely walk (even though I'd been training for it) and today I am still pretty sore. Sitting down is easy. Standing back up is a whole different ball game.

I miss and love you all and will try and post on a more regular basis. Don't give up on this blog just yet. =P

Happy Monday
Bonnie Rae


  1. I hope the soreness passes soon and congrats on the 10k!

    I'm not much of a runner. My legs are short, so I usually have to take 2-3 steps per most people's one. Heh.

  2. Running is not for me (unless I'm being chased by a bear), so good for you!

  3. Congrats on your 10k! I need to get back into running again, but I keep finding reasons not to. Like needing new shoes that I legitimately don't have money for. Blah.